Docuvity Workflow Automation

Automate Business Processes

  • Improves Business Efficiency
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Drive bottom line Growth
  • Automate business process

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Docuvity Workflow Automation

Docuvity-Workflow Automation is a light weight Workflow and Business Process Management system designed to automate the electronic forms and document approval process seamlessly docuvity-workflow automation can be used to replicate your own business process by automating document submission, review, and approval process You can simplifies the document management practice with docuvity-workflow automation designer ensuring that users follow a standard operating procedure, and tracks the business activities within a centralized system docuvity-workflow automation makes it very easy to model business processes by providing multiple routing, escalation and notification features. Docuvity-Workflow Automation help save time and money by moving to e-forms with in workspace for timely review and approval.

Automate Business Process in 5 easy steps

Value Propositions & Benefits

  • Workflow Engine: Implement quickly and easily. No coding is required
  • Electronic Forms: Easy and Quick eForms set-up
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and Know real time status
  • Get your team engaged in your daily processes and ensure maximum productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction and shorter time-to-market by better business process
  • Greater cost savings with docuvity Workflow Automation processes
  • Greater employee satisfaction as collaboration and best practices are improved
  • Complete transparency of all activities across the team and organization
  • Customer retention level is improved with the help of effective business processes