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Docuvity Workflow Automation

Docuvity-Workflow Automation is a light weight Workflow and Business Process Management system designed to automate the electronic forms and document approval process seamlessly docuvity-workflow automation can be used to replicate your own business process by automating document submission, review, and approval process You can simplifies the document management practice with docuvity-workflow automation designer ensuring that users follow a standard operating procedure, and tracks the business activities within a centralized system docuvity-workflow automation makes it very easy to model business processes by providing multiple routing, escalation and notification features. Docuvity-Workflow Automation help save time and money by moving to e-forms with in workspace for timely review and approval.

Single level document Approval

The activity in a workflow can be monitored and adjusted from a status or the history of each stage in a process. This approval workflow automatically routes the document or item, assigns review tasks and tracks their progress, as well as sends notification.

Generic workflow

You can assign a task to your colleague and your colleague can also update the status /process of the task and process workflow diagram reflects the same.

Multilevel document approval

It is a workflow with multiple levels of approval and rejection. You can assign document for tasks multiple approvals.

Data approval and distribution

The Knowledge Management process has been designed to facilitate efficient knowledge distribution as per authentication in the organization’s hierarchy.

HR process for Leave request

Employees can create leave request approval to inform the department manager. Once this workflow created and approved by department manager /approver, it goes to HR for approval. User will be notified of leave application approval/rejection.

Outward communication process

In outward communication a letter gets dispatched to some other organization. "This workflow helps to keep track of any letters being sent to the reception/dispatch section to be mailed out of the company and user can keep track of the documents he/she has sent”.

Inward communication

In inward communication process a letter comes to the organization and the process starts. "Here reception desk can keep track of the letters that have been received and direct them to concerned department/person. Once the concerned person/dept gets the document the process can be terminating to ensure correct receipt of letter".

Finance management process

The Finance Management process has been designed to ensure the direct payments are reviewed and approved following a strict bifurcation as per amount and organizational hierarchy.

Bill payment process

In this process, Initiator runs the payment process and the details are to be send to the approver, once the approver reviews the details in the task, approver can either approve or reject the payment run. Once approved it goes to the account manager for final review and for approve or reject, post approval of account manager payment process needs to be executed.

Purchase order process

Purchase order can be initiated if a purchase order needs to be raised By the Store and sent for approval by the Secretaries for purchase for any items.

Procurement process for Material request

Employee will fill out material requisition fields to initiates the workflow and sends it to the department manager to ask for requisition approval. The approved material request task sent to the store department, or returned to the initiator if unapproved. If the store has the materials, it allocates the same, else asks to wait for the procurement. Once all the materials requested available at with the store department, the same are allocated to the requestor.

Value Propositions & Benefits

  • Workflow Engine: Implement quickly and easily. No coding is required
  • Electronic Forms: Easy and Quick eForms set-up
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and Know real time status
  • Get your team engaged in your daily processes and ensure maximum productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction and shorter time-to-market by better business process
  • Greater cost savings with docuvity Workflow Automation processes
  • Greater employee satisfaction as collaboration and best practices are improved
  • Complete transparency of all activities across the team and organization
  • Customer retention level is improved with the help of effective business processes