Tally - Connect

Document Management System with Tally ERP

  • Anytime access to document(s) from tally
  • Transactional accuracy
  • Automatic Document Categorization
  • Hassel free audit process
  • Save costs & Time

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Overview of Tally-Connect

Tally-connect has numerous features like upload,update documents from tally interface, Tally-connect has group ledger in and even storing documents as per groups and ledger in tally-connect,folder creation according to the financial years of Tally ERP, Register available with Tally enabling ease of Access to Documents,Folder path can be specified within Tally for swift upload.


  • Upload documents during journal/payment entry
  • Update documents during voucher modification
  • Uploading documents at multiple line items level
  • Showing document counts when viewing voucher list
  • View a document from the Tally Interface
  • Automatic Group and Ledger wise folder creation in T-Connect
  • Storing document as per Groups and Ledgers in T-Connect
  • Structured folder creation according to the financial years of Tally ERP
  • Document Register available with Tally enabling ease of Access to Documents
  • Document Folder path can be specified within Tally for swift upload


On Tally ERP
  • Upload Documents during Voucher Entry enabling safe storage of documents
  • Set default Folder Path for seamless Upload of documents
  • Document Register available enabling ease of access to Documents
  • Documents Uploaded on Journal Entry can be viewed from Payment Entryscreen. This promotes Transactional accuracy.
On Tally-Connect
  • Automatic storage of documents as per company name and financial year
  • Automatic folder creation as per Groups, Income and Expense Type
  • Directly Access documents for hassle free Audits
  • Any transactional Changes on Tally ERP gets automatically reflected on T-Connect

Financial Transactions

Tally is the most extensively used Enterprise system in financial world. It is accounting and Enterprise management software that is robust and cost effective. Few of the usage areas of Tally are Basic Accounting functions, Manage store and its items, Job costing, manage pay rolls, Generate basis reports, file tax returns.

Tally ERP is also used to prepare financial statements like Balance sheets, Profit and Loss statements, Manage VAT forms, TDS returns, Service tax returns, e-TDS filing, Excise forms, Regulatory and Internal Audits. This makes it a perfect accounting package for enterprises.


The Most crucial part in any Tally transactions that you execute is the entry of financial values to the system. Accurate entry of these values forms the key to successful transactions. Predominantly these entries are made by the user using different types of reference documents like forms, invoices, bills, purchase orders, tax receipts, VAT forms, TDS returns etc.

The search and retrieval of these documents from the file cabinets and record rooms for entries in Tally is time consuming and tedious task. This hampers the accounting process and other transactions on Tally leading to less productivity, efficiencies and irregularities in the transactions.

Need for a DMS

Tally-Connect is robust Document Management software with a safe document management repository for documents pertaining to Tally transactions. It is economical and acts as a real time online reference system for transactional entries in Tally Software.

Tally – Connect is easily configurable and seamlessly integrates with Tally ERP 9.This integration enables swift upload of the documents and secure storage of all the electronics documents. Integration to Tally ERP offers the perfect solution for optimizing the Business process and storing the related documents being logically associated with Tally transactions.


Tally- Connect is a single integration solution that quickly connects to Tally ERP without coding. Tally – Connect in simple terms is an Integration Connector ( Link/ Platform / software ) along with document management system that helps you in unifying the Tally ERP transaction with documents.

Tally- Connect provides a faster and modular approach to enterprise application integration. Following the integration you can expect to say goodbye to the high Integration overheads and complexity of point-to-point integration. The integration is swift, seamless and hassle free task for you.