Full featured packed Document Management offering.

Choose the plan that suits you for your document management system deployment.


On-Premise Installation

  • One time Investment
  • Controlled & Managed at Your Ease
  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited users
  • Highly Customizable
  • Self Backup
  • Collaboration & Global Accessibility
  • Annual Maintenance Charges
  • Dashboard & Reports
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Software as a Service

  • Savings & Maintenance Cost
  • Accessed from any Location
  • Increase your storage space
  • Your Documents Secured on AWS
  • Non Customizable
  • Quick & Easy Setup
  • Collaboration & Global Accessibility
  • No Annual Maintenance Charges
  • Dashboard & Reports
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Forms & Workflow Automation

Customizable Solutions

  • Increased efficiency and productivity in content generation life-cycle
  • Reduced risk and liability through standard templates
  • Promotes a paperless office environment
  • Improved accuracy through the elimination of handwriting errors
  • Customer Focus and Satisfaction
  • Compliance ease and visibility
  • Customer Retention with help of effective business process
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DMS Integration with Tally ERP

  • Upload documents via Tally UI
  • Update documents via Tally UI
  • Upload at Multiple line Items level
  • Displays document count
  • Set default upload path
  • View documents via Tally
  • Structured Folder creation
  • Document Register
  • Direct Access to Documents
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