Docuvity Form

A solution to Paperless office

  • Easy fill forms with quick online approval to save time
  • Increase process efficiency & build accountability
  • Customizable forms to fit specific business requirements
  • Considerable reduction in paper & print costs

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Eliminate Paper

Using docuvity forms, you simplify your business process and ensure accuracy remain. With more efficient and paper free process, your team can focus on your business.

Access to Information

By capturing data using electronic forms, information becomes immediately available for your business process. This improves efficiency and reduces the number of resource required to keep your business moving ahead.

Reduce Duplication

Without electronic forms many people are entering the same information into different in-house applications. This can be eliminated when you implement docuvity electronic forms to integrate your internal systems.

The Benefits and Value Proposition

If you think that going paperless is a time-consuming and costly proposition, don't believe it until you have tallied all the costs of maintaining paper. And that means office space, storage space, and the time involved for each employee to move it all around-- and to try to find it when it goes missing. And you also have to factor in the knowledge management benefits of having searchable content


  • Preferences
  • Change Login Password
  • Dashlet – My Files
  • All File Level Actions
  • Dashlet Level File Search
  • Basic Search (Keyword Search)
  • Advanced Search
  • Docuvity-Form User Manual
  • Help shortcut

Folder Management

  • Create Folder
  • Rename Folder
  • Delete Folder
  • Upload File
  • Drag & Drop Upload of File
  • Manage Folder Users
  • Assign/ Change Permissions of Users/Groups
  • Move Folder
  • Copy Folder

Content Management

  • View File
  • Update File- Version
  • Revert Version
  • Download File
  • File – Move, Copy & Remove
  • View & Edit metadata
  • Move,Copy & Remove Multiple Files


  • Add, Update, Remove user
  • Change user details and Login Password
  • Group Management
  • Create Group
  • Add User to Group
  • View & Remove User from Group
  • Delete Group


  • Electronic forms for automated workflows
  • Eliminate use of paper
  • Reduce duplication of documents
  • Reduce Physical Storage Space
  • Increase Efficiency & Accountabilty