Docuvity Enterprise

Document Management Software With Workflows

  • On-Premise Installation
  • Annual Subscription Model - Enhanced cost benefits
  • Global Accessibility to documents
  • Complete search results in a single click
  • Process optimization and transparency through workflow
  • Efficiently manage & monitor documents
  • Secured central repository for documents

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Docuvity Enterprise – Value Proposition

Docuvity is collaborative document management system that will make the individual work more quickly, efficiently and accurately across distance on individual projects, as well as maintain the vital knowledge along the way to streamline similar projects in the future.Docuvity is an easy to use and intuitive collaborative document management system, which control on information quickly to create, modify and assign tasks with version control of business content of each task makes employees more productive and accountable for execution of projects. Docuvity keeps individual accountability by tracking and auditing individual’s turnaround time and quality of business critical documents.

Document Search & Advanced Search

  • Keyword
  • Metadata
  • Indexed value
  • Date range
  • Type of document
  • By Comment on the document
  • Saved Public & Private Search

Document Library & Folder Management

  • Create & Manage Document
  • Version control & Revert versioning
  • View & manage Metadata
  • Access control & Role-based permissions
  • Document Comment
  • Tag or Categorize Document
  • Drag and Drop Document
  • Upload

Document Work flow Management

  • Generic
  • Review-Approve
  • Multi-level
  • Bulk workflow

Subscription & notification

  • Document expiry & renewal
  • Document Upload/edit/delete


  • User Audit report
  • Workflow report
  • Query & Report
  • Metadata report

Other Features

  • Document Import & Export
  • Document Attachment & Associations
  • Users & Groups management
  • Pooled & Group tasks
  • Digital Signature
  • Annotation
  • User Dashboard