Docuvity- E filing system,File sharing, Workflow & Document Management System (DMS) Software

Docuvity Pro

Docuvity is a Enterprise grade file sharing, Workflow and Document Management System designed and developed in-house

Docuvity Cloud

Docuvity Cloud helps you exploit all the advantages of the cloud bringing down the costs for storage, its is scalable and adaptable.

Docuvity Forms

Enabling paperless
office solutions
"Go Green"

Docuvity Workflow

Customized workflow
automation to simplify your
business processes.

Tally Connect

Tally - connect is a seamless Integration of a Robust Document Management System with Tally ERP to access documents.

Digitization & E filing system

Our Digitization service offers high quality and swift conversion of physical documents into electronic format.

Deployment & Infrastructure Solutions

Docuvity Pro

Docuvity is a web based document management system which builds a digital repository of business information assets to assist knowledge creation and improves business decision making.

Docuvity manages the creation, storage, version, approval and consumption of documents more efficiently and effectively.

Docuvity integrates all essential document management, collaboration and advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution

Docuvity Cloud

Docuvity Cloud comes packaged with all the features contained in an Enterprise Edition of Docuvity. Not just this, Docuvity Cloud helps you exploit all the advantages of the cloud bringing down the costs for storage, IT infrastructure and its maintenance, provides Global access – and most important of them all this model is scalable and adaptable.

Docuvity Cloud offers the best user experience for Cloud deployment that is spontaneous, easy to set up and immediately use it, synchronized, immediate extension in storage space and hardly any implementation cycle.


Docuvity – Lite is lightweight document management system that is web based and easy to install for instant use. With Docuvity-Lite, you get robust and lightweight software that allows you to store, version and retrieve files of any type.

It is designed for small teams that look for faster and easier management of Documents. The best proposition of this DMS is, It is Scalable from Micro Businesses to small and medium enterprises for simple document management needs with no hassles in Data Migration.

Tally Connect for Tally ERP


The Most crucial part in any Tally transactions that you execute is the entry of financial values to the system. Accurate entry of these values forms the key to successful transactions. Predominantly these entries are made by the user using different types of reference documents like forms, invoices, bills, purchase orders, tax receipts, VAT forms, TDS returns etc.The search and retrieval of these documents from the file cabinets and record rooms for entries in Tally is time consuming and tedious task. This hampers the accounting process and other transactions on Tally leading to less productivity, efficiencies and irregularities in the transactions.


Tally - Connect is a single integration solution that quickly connects to Tally ERP without coding. Tally – Connect in simple terms is an Integration Connector along with document management system that helps you in unifying the Tally ERP transaction with documents.

Tally- Connect provides a faster and modular approach to enterprise application integration. Following the integration you can expect to say goodbye to the high Integration overheads and complexity of point-to-point integration. The integration is swift, seamless and hassle free task for you.

Reference system with Tally

Tally-Connect is robust Document Management software with a safe document management repository for documents pertaining to Tally transactions. It is economical and acts as a real time online reference system for transactional entries in Tally Software.

Tally – Connect is easily configurable and seamlessly integrates with Tally ERP 9. This integration enables swift upload of the documents and secure storage of all the electronics documents. Integration to Tally ERP offers the perfect solution for optimizing the Business process and storing the related documents being logically associated with Tally transactions.

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Docuvity integrates with Tally ERP to introduce T-Connect.

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