Docuvity Enterprise DMS Software - Secure File sharing, Workflows & Collaboration with E-signatures, Document Watermarking and Encryption

Docuvity Enterprise

Docuvity is an Enterprise Workflow and Document Management System with E-signatures, Document Watermarking and Encryption

Docuvity Cloud

Docuvity Cloud helps you exploit all the advantages of the cloud bringing down the costs for storage, its is scalable and adaptable.

Docuvity Forms

Enabling paperless
office solutions
"Go Green"

Docuvity Workflow

Customized workflow
automation to simplify your
business processes.


Automate workflow & business processes

Scanning & Digitization Services

Our Digitization service offers high quality and swift conversion of physical documents into electronic format.

Hybrid Deployment & Infrastructure Solutions

Enterprise - On Premise

Enterprise document management system installed securely on your servers On-Premise

Docuvity Enterprise - Encryption of Files and Data, Unlimited document versions, Dynamic Sharing, Email categorisation

Unlimited External Collaborators

Document Watermarking & Document Encryption while sharing.

Document E-signature along with Enterprise Workflows

Docuvity integrates all essential document management, workflows, approvals with e-signatures,collaboration and advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution

Enterprise On-Cloud : Standalone Secure Instance

Docuvity Cloud comes packaged with all the features contained in an Enterprise Edition of Docuvity along with Workflows, E-Signatures and Document Watermarking. Docuvity Cloud helps you exploit all the advantages of the cloud bringing down the costs for storage, IT infrastructure and its maintenance, it provides Global access to your documents and collaboration between teams. This model is highly scalable with customizable workflows and forms.

Docuvity Cloud offers the best user experience for Secure Cloud deployment that is spontaneous, easy to set up and immediately usable. It is synchronized with immediate extension in storage space, addition of workflows with a fast implementation cycle.

SAAS On-Cloud : Multi-tenant Secure Installation

Docuvity – SAAS our Enterprise document management system available on a multi-tenant SAAS Model On-Cloud.

With Docuvity-SAAS, you get robust and EDMS Software that allows you to store, version and retrieve files of any type at very affordable prices.

Manage all your documents online

Import your folder structure from your desktop

Collaborate with external users

Share and receive documents easily

Scalable for Micro Businesses and medium enterprises for simple document management needs with simplified Data Migration.

Docuvity-Enterprise 6.0

EDMS with Instant Benefits

Implement quickly and easily. No coding is required.

Electronic Forms: Easy and Quick eForms set-up.

4 Standard workflows pre-installed, customize from any of our 25 workflow templates.

Customise workflows and approvals as per your requirements

Document Metadata and custom metadata to suit all organisations.

Greater cost savings with Docuvity Workflow Automation enabling a paperless office.

Greater employee satisfaction as collaboration and best practices are improved.

Complete transparency and audit trails of all activities across all users team and document.

Work from anywhere : Global accessibility to documents and approval workflows with e-signatures

Reports & Other Features

User Audit reports.

Workflow reports.

Metadata reports.

Unlimited External Collaborators

Document Import & Export

Document Sharing,Attachment & Associations

Users & Groups management

Pooled Workflows, User Defined Workflows & Parallel Workflows

Electronic Signature

Document Encryption

Document Watermarking

Admin Dashboard - User Management,Permissions & Categorization

Subscription & notifications

Subscribe for Document expiry & renewal by due date

Set reminder and notification preferences

Notification for any change on a document : upload/edit/delete

Notification for any change in a Folder: upload/edit/delete

Real-time notifications on Email/Mobile

Separate Dash-let to manage Subscriptions