Docuvity-File sharing, Workflow & Document Management System

Find Out Why Docuvity is Perfect for your Business

What can Docuvity do for your Enterprise?

Whatever the scale of your operations or Business Processes, Docuvity is equipped to handle a wide variety of documents used throughout your company with ease.

Docuvity’s capability incorporates configurable workflows and helps you achieve efficient document transaction and collaboration. Thus making sure uploading, indexing, archiving, search-ability, sharing and global accessibility of every type of document an easy job for you.

How does Docuvity Benefit you?

Docuvity’s utility to manage documents and advanced workflows means that you can upload documents and automate business processes to increase efficiency and cut costs and time.

No more handling physical documents or searching for important records through files or sharing documents by fax, courier or posts at your workplace. With Docuvity and our Digitization services, it’s all effortless.

What other features does Docuvity have?

Docuvity's search features offer the filters you need to search and access the right document instantly and with a single click, documents can be shared across the organization and across globe offering you a better document control.

Document Digitization freezes out your physical space, while Docuvity provides perpetual preservation of documents in digital format.

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Find out more about how you can digitize and automate your Business Process to maximize Efficiency and Productivity at your workplace


Trying to locate the existence or enquiring about a document is one of the challenges we face in our daily activities at workplace.

Docuvity search not only uses the file names but also other attributes of a document to search your “specific needs” of document retrieval. You can also narrow down your search by using the right search measures.

Access Control

Access to document or folder is always dependent on creator or administrator for any need based activity. Docuvity caters to this by providing role based access.

Control is provided via permissions, for document actions to be taken by any user. The actions can vary from basic level of view, download and print to full access including delete rights.


Docuvity is one of the few Document Management Systems with inbuilt workflow which helps you in eliminating several bottlenecks and streamline the business process.

Workflow provides quick, easy and automatic flow of document from one user to another user of Docuvity for the purpose of approval or many such document routing processes.


Docuvity sends an automatic mail notification to registered email address when any workflow is assigned to that user or any assigned workflow is due for completion.

User can also subscribe to the folder or file of his/her preference to receive automatic email notifications for events such as edition, deletion, updation done on file or folder.

Deployment & Infrastructure Solutions for your Document Management

• One time Investment

• Controlled & Managed at Your Ease

• Unlimited space, guided by your network disk capacity

• Availability of unlimited users for Enterprise Edition

• Highly Customizable

• Self Backup at Your convenient time

• Savings on Infrastructure & Maintenance Cost

• Accessed From any Location

• No Annual Maintenance Charges

• Your Documents Secured on AWS

• Increase your storage space in few hours

• Quick & Easy Setup

• Lightweight DMS for Simple Document Management Needs

• Store, version, link and retrieve files of any type

• Suits small teams with no IT support Team

• Scalable from micro Businesses to small and medium enterprises

• Web based and Installable on Desktops and Laptops.

• No Server needed necessarily

• Access Documents on Mobile

• Review and approve Workflows

• Upload Documents and Images through Mobile

• Available for Apple and Android Devices

• Global Accessibility

• Real Collaboration at all times

Docuvity for Tally ERP - Tally-Connect

Benefits on Tally ERP

• Upload Documents during Voucher Entry enabling safe storage of documents
• Set default Folder Path for seamless Upload of documents
• Document Register available enabling ease of access to Documents
• Documents Uploaded on Journal Entry can be viewed from Payment Entry screen

Benefits on Tally-Connect

• Automatic storage of documents as per company name and financial year
• Automatic folder creation as per Groups, Income and Expense Type
• Directly Access documents for hassle free Audits
• Any transactional Changes on Tally ERP gets automatically reflected on T-Connect

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Go Paperless

Many organizations sign up for environment sustainable measures, We help you take this major cause one step ahead towards going green.In this age of Global Warming, Do we still need a reason to go paperless?

Let us pledge to ‘Keep the planet Earth Green and habitable’ and save it for our future generations. Be the change, ‘Go paperless’ and move to Docuvity.

Improve ROI

Docuvity lets you yield manifold benefits :

• Save on cost – Printing, Logistics, Storage
• Save Time
• Save on Labor costs
• Increase efficiency of workforce

Most significant of them all as a performance measure, Our team would look forward to help you boost productivity at your workplace.


At Docuvity, we have a pledged team for Support. The team actively responds and resolves your queries with utmost care. They are committed to make your Docuvity experience comfortable to the best level possible.

The Help Center is established with the objective to provide seamless service. It is governed by three basic principles: - Report, Respond and Resolve.